About Us

Thanks for visiting Rob Currie Photography. We are Rob and Ronnie and live in the bustling Township of Langley, in the Fraser Valley.

Rob has been a photographer all his life. As a child, he carried around a little Kodak Instamatic to record family life. He was involved at school in the photo club and excelled at multi-media productions, cartoons and stop-action dramas with his friends and siblings as actors.
He progressed to 8mm movies where his flair for the unusual produced some unique and funny movies. This evolved into video for a number of years and it was at this time he also started shooting with a 35mm camera his Dad gave him. The digital age began in the mid 90's with the purchase of his first digital camera and he has shot digital ever since. He currently shoots with a Canon mirrorless R6 and a pair of Canon DSLR's for backup.