Portrait: Robert  CurrieI started taking pictures on a Kodak Instamatic camera when I was about 10 years old. I happily shot pictures of family vacations and special occasions. I joined the photo club in junior high school and experimented with darkroom techniques which, at that time, only involved black and white prints.In high school, I started taking 8mm movies in a multi media class. I was intrigued by stop action photography and animation which led to making movies with inanimate objects moving around the room and some rudimentary cartoons. I was given a second hand 35mm camera in the mid 70's and rediscovered still photography. During the 80's I upgraded my equipment to video and a Canon EOS Rebel XS 35mm camera. Gradually I took more and more print pictures than video and in the mid 90's with the advent of digital, concentrated on still photography exclusively. For a while, I took both 35mm and digital. I was using my Canon Rebel and an Olympus C3030, 3.3mp digtal. I found that digital photography had advantages over film, such as the ease of organizing images on the computer rather than a stack of negatives in a box. Eventually, I was taking all of my pictures on the digital camera and I now shoot with a Canon 5D MkII.